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My name is Brenda Borelli and I am the founder of the Las Vegas Doberman and Dachshund Rescue. Dobermans have been a part of my life since I was a little girl, I have always had one or two in my life. In 2001 I lost my red girl Ariel to cancer and what began as a search for another red girl became the beginning of my rescue. I discovered there were so many Dobermans in need of new homes and I felt compelled to help them. Since then, I have helped hundreds of homeless Dobermans find new, forever homes. I currently share my life with a red female named Autumn and a red male named Stryker.

Dachshunds first came into my life around 1999 when I was given one that needed a new home. I fostered the little girl in my home and eventually placed her and at the same time realizing I really enjoyed the Dachshund breed. I began to seek out more Dachshunds and learned more about the breed. Since I am a veterinary technician I am exposed to a large variety of breeds and personalities and I made it a point to meet all of the Dachshunds that came into the clinic. Eventually I adopted a Dachshund of my own, a little female who was born without a tail that nobody wanted. I now share my life with three Dachshunds, all three rescues.

The Las Vegas Doberman Pinscher and Dachshund group is a dedicated group of volunteers that love the breeds and want to help as many as possible find permanent homes. Our dogs come from a variety of places including the local shelter, owner turn ins as well as strays that aren’t reclaimed by their owners. Our goal is to help as many dogs as possible however we can only help as many as the number of volunteers we have. Each dog is taken to the vet for a thorough exam, they are spayed/neutered and microchipped as well as fully vaccinated. Any medical needs that the animal has are attended to. Our foster homes evaluate the personality of the dogs so we can know their likes and dislikes, we want to match them as best as possible to their new homes.

What started as something I did every once in a while turned into a real rescue with plenty of dedicated volunteers who love the breed and want to help. All of us volunteers receive no monetary compensation just a warm fuzzy feeling when we help a dog get into his new forever home. All monies collected through donations go 100% to the dogs care and medical costs. Unfortunately the need for our help has grown over the years due to indiscriminate breeding done by people looking to make a quick buck. Please do your part and spay or neuter your pet.

The Las Vegas Doberman and Dachshund Rescue is recognized by the IRS as an official 501c3 tax exempt organization and all donations are tax deductible.

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